Olivia M. Miller

Attorney At Law

Originally from Oregon, Olivia came to Washington State to attend the University of Washington School of Law in 2015. She has loved the state ever since.

During her first summer at UW School of Law, she had the opportunity to work with the Oregon Court of Appeals, where she discovered her passion for criminal law and particularly helping those accused of crimes. During her time in law school, she worked with the Tacoma Public Defender’s office and the Innocence Project. 

Her first job after law school was with the Public Defender’s office in Tacoma as an attorney. Her first three years of practice were spent building relationships and honing trial and negotiation skills.

Her experience includes writing numerous motions, arguing countless legal issues, and representing clients at trial. Among her experience are misdemeanors and felonies related to domestic violence, DUIs and traffic crimes, as well as general crimes.

Olivia is honest, open, and genuine with all of her clients. When she takes a case on, she is thorough and thoughtful about what the best outcome might be, and she engages her clients in this discussion throughout the representation process.

In order to make informed decisions about what is right for her clients, she always provides the most detailed and well-researched information possible and advocates tirelessly for their decisions.

Throughout her career, she has worked closely with both the judicial bench and prosecution, building respectful relationships with both. As a result of these relationships, she is able to advocate better for the specific needs of each client and reach better resolutions for them. Building lasting relationships is important to her, and she understands that each client will have unique needs.

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